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Leader: Marlon Tann      


      The Sharon Temple Men’s Ministry (Men of Standards) exists to help men mature in their God-given roles as husbands, fathers, workers, disciple makers and leaders in the church. We are excited from a spiritual and personal level for this opportunity to do God’s work. As we continue our work, we are adding some exciting programs to the group so that each member can add the gift of giving (your time or/and labor), to help someone. This kind of fellowship and encouragement is the strength and backbone of a Christian life.

Why Men of Standards? As Christians, especially Christian men, we are in a daily spiritual battle with sin and the enemy who wants to render us spiritually ineffective so that we will have the least impact in our families, the church, schools, workplace and anywhere God needs to use us. We are in this battle and it requires a standard. A standard to fight the fight for which God has called us. To be clear, this is not a battle for physical or athletic proficiency; it is a Battle for Moral and Spiritual Excellence. A standard that begins and ends with Jesus.
We aspire “to help men mature in their God given roles through weekly meetings, fellowship breakfast (Quarterly), mentorship, coupled with interactive teachings aimed at specific issues facing men in our culture and by connecting every man into a discipleship relationship and seeking to cultivate meaningful friendships resulting in Biblical Accountability.

This ministry is designed for all men over the age of 13. We seek to encourage and train men in their responsibilities as leaders under Christ and model Christ's love to His church (Ephesians 5).